Holland Festival. Two concerts will feature the best new compositions from the previous season. During the evening concert the € 10.000 Buma Toonzetters Prijs will be awarded to one of the nominated composers. This evening also features the award ceremony for the Sena Performers Toonzetters Prijs for the performers with last year’s best programme.

Programme evening concert (including the Toonzetters award ceremony)
Richard Ayres - no.46 | Matijs de Roo - Im grossen schweigen | Andys Skordis - "The deeper you go...the deeper you go...the deeper you go...deeper you"
Performed by: Residentie Orchestra conducted by Reinbert de Leeuw, Erik Bosgraaf - recorder, Simone Lamsma - violin, VocaalLAB


My student Andys Skordis won the competition!! How cool is that!!


Andys with cheque and flowers


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