Iarla Ó Lionaird

Met Iarla  Ó Lionaird in New York He was singing in the piece “Grá agus Bás” by Donnacha Dennehy. A beautiful and exciting piece made even more so by the striking voice of Iarla.  I suddenly realised that I had heard him sing before in the band the Gloaming. Here he is in pub, but close your eyes and you could be listening to something from 2000 years ago, or perhaps 2000 in the future. And who needs accompaniment when you can do this:



Have a listen to some of Donnacha’s piece as well:



And here is his own site:


The brilliant "1927"

I going to be working with the 1927 theatre company...they are amazing! Cant wait. We wil make something for the Royal Opera House in London. At the moment we have vague ideas about combing the story of the painter Alfred Wallis and a story by H.P Lovecraft....lots of fish and slime.

Take a look at this...mozart would have loved it I think, and I cant remember seeing an opera production that I liked as much:



Or of their own shows:


Another Peter Pan video from Stuttgart

another Carnegie Hall review NY Times


Jason Price as Bobli, with hat by Suzanne Bocanegra


review of No.42 Carnegie Hall concert

http://review of No.42 Carnegie Hall concert

schott feature

Peter Pan in Stuttgart

Here is a link to the Stuttgart Opera's "Peter Pan" site. Some nice photos!


The storm from the Stuttgart production of Peter Pan



Holland Festival. Two concerts will feature the best new compositions from the previous season. During the evening concert the € 10.000 Buma Toonzetters Prijs will be awarded to one of the nominated composers. This evening also features the award ceremony for the Sena Performers Toonzetters Prijs for the performers with last year’s best programme.

Programme evening concert (including the Toonzetters award ceremony)
Richard Ayres - no.46 | Matijs de Roo - Im grossen schweigen | Andys Skordis - "The deeper you go...the deeper you go...the deeper you go...deeper you"
Performed by: Residentie Orchestra conducted by Reinbert de Leeuw, Erik Bosgraaf - recorder, Simone Lamsma - violin, VocaalLAB


My student Andys Skordis won the competition!! How cool is that!!


Andys with cheque and flowers


The Amazing Saar Berger rehearsing my Horn NONcerto


Glasgow portrait concert

This was made to promote the BBCSSO portrait concert. It looks like I feel...


Hear and Now: Composer Focus

The BBCSSO are playing a concert with my music alongside pieces by  Laurence Crane and Marko Nikodijevic in Glasgow at the end of April.  




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